Mar 11, 2024

Can I Refuse Workers’ Comp in California?

It is a state requirement for California business owners to provide no-fault workers’ compensation insurance for the protection of both employers and employees. However, there are few exceptions to this requirement. As an employer, you may be wondering if you can refuse workers’ comp in…

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Mar 07, 2024

70% of CA CT Claims Involved An Attorney

In a recent article from, the California Workers’ Compensation Institute found that 70% of CA CT Claims involved an attorney, calling this a “unique phenomenon” for California. The article explains that cumulative trauma claims represented 37.5% of all litigated claims in the work comp system in…

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Feb 22, 2024

Drug Trends in Workers’ Comp Medical Management

Opioid control and prevention is the top pharmacy program concern according to 52% of participants from the 2023 Workers’ Compensation Industry Insights Survey. However, with opioid utilization on the decline in recent years, a more diverse range of trends are beginning to emerge. Silvia Sacalis, from…

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Feb 15, 2024

New Bill Effecting Work Comp

The new bill, A.B. 1870, would require CA employers to post a revised notice that states an "injured employee may consult a licensed attorney to advise them of their rights under workers compensations laws” and that “(i)n some instances, attorney’s fees may be paid from an injured…

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Jan 29, 2024

Opportunities at BPK, Let’s Chat!

Are you an attorney with workers’ compensation experience? ... and looking for something better, something different, or just curious about what other firms are paying? We’d love to talk with you. We are always looking for an attorney who can make a difference; whether you…

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Jan 23, 2024

Why Is Sports Law Unique?

Sports law pertains to the legal needs of sports leagues, athletic organizations, and many other professional sports-related institutions throughout the country. A Los Angeles, California sports lawyer, such as the attorneys at Bober, Peterson & Koby, LLP, focuses on sports law, which can relate to…

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Jan 23, 2024

Med-Legal Travel Expenses Increase for 2024

Per the CA Department of Industrial Relations, “the Division of Workers’ Compensation is announcing the increase of the milage rates for medical and medical-legal travel expenses by 1.5 cents to 67.0 cents per mile effective January 1, 2024. This rate must be paid for travel…

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Jan 19, 2024

NFL Divisional Round & CA CT Claims

BPK and our NFL clients both share the same drive to win. Excellence requires repeatedly doing the little things correctly, preparation, attention to detail, accountability, and grit to create success. We also realize there is no shortcut to winning; it takes what it takes. We…

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Jan 17, 2024

Bridget Harrison as BPK’s New Managing Partner – January 2024

Bober, Peterson & Koby, LLP proudly announces the appointment of Bridget Harrison as the firm's new Managing Partner. With an impressive track record and extensive experience in workers’ compensation defense litigation, Ms. Harrison brings a wealth of expertise to her new role. Her strategic vision…

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