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Michael has spent his nearly entire legal career in the field of workers’ compensation defense, assisting a wide variety of employers, from small mom and pop stores to large international corporations in defending against all aspects of workers’ compensation matters, including asbestos, death claims, high value catastrophic claims, Labor Code Section 132(a) discrimination claims, and Serious & Willful actions. Michael has also specialized in defending professional teams against the claims filed by former professional athletes since 2006.

Michael was certified in 2013 by the California State Bar Association as a legal specialist in the field of workers’ compensation and defends all aspects of workers’ compensation.

Born and raised in Orange County, California, Michael attended the University of California at Berkeley, earning a Bachelor of the Arts in History. Upon graduating from Cal, Michael attended the King Hall School of Law at the University of California at Davis, graduating with a Juris Doctorate and also completing the Public Service Law Program.

While in law school, Michael first clerked for the Santa Clara District’s Attorney’s office before joining Adelson, Testan, Brundo, Novell & Jimenez, beginning a 15 year odyssey which started as a law clerk in Sacramento, before returning to Orange County as an associate attorney, then as the youngest partner of the firm, and finally, as the managing partner of the nationwide Sports Law Practice Group. When beginning as an associate attorney, Michael had the opportunity to work with Alan Bober, who taught him everything about tearing apart medical reports (figuratively and literally).

Before joining Bober, Peterson & Koby, Michael was one of the six founding partners of Adelson McLean, a boutique firm that handled both workers’ compensation and general civil litigation before the two legal practice groups parted ways to further specialize in their respective fields.

Michael lives in North Orange County with his wife, Dr. Alice Pang, and young son, Nathan, who prevents him from having much free time.