Best California Workers Compensation Defense Attorneys

California Workers Compensation Defense Lawyer

California business owners know the importance of protecting their companies. However, one of the most significant threats can come from within an owner’s workplace: workers’ compensation claims. These claims can drain resources, even if they are illegitimate. Skilled California workers’ compensation defense attorneys can help safeguard your business.

Bober, Peterson & Koby, LLP: Your Trusted Workers’ Compensation Defense Attorneys

At Bober, Peterson & Koby, LLP, we are passionate about protecting California businesses. Fraudulent or unfair workers’ compensation claims can deplete your business’s funding. Our experienced team of attorneys provides comprehensive legal services. Our deep understanding of California’s intricate legal system helps us protect and defend our clients’ interests daily.

Industries We Represent

We understand that each industry has its unique challenges. What works for defending some businesses may not apply to other organizations in another field. Our team has the breadth of experience you need to represent your business, no matter your industry, including:

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies typically bear the financial responsibility for workers’ compensation claims, so they can have the most at stake. We work closely with these organizations to challenge claims by analyzing evidence to identify case weaknesses. Our team can find seemingly hidden employee case inconsistencies. Our goal is to minimize the financial burden on insurance companies.

Sports and Entertainment Industry

We thoroughly investigate workers’ compensation claims to protect team owners, managers, leagues, and others from expensive litigation or settlements. We can identify fraudulent or misguided claims and protect our clients from unnecessary losses. Additionally, we can help draft contracts with members, athletes, performers, and other personnel. Our contract strategy can ensure clear language regarding all protocols in case of an incident.


Construction sites and janitorial environments can be inherently hazardous. People can expect accidents in these spaces, so we help contractors and management companies avoid costly legal battles. Our deep understanding of safety regulations can help us navigate complex construction and janitorial cases. We can build a strong defense that protects your interests when elements like employee negligence contribute to accidents.

Food Service

While some accidents are unavoidable, many in the food service or retail industry are due to employee negligence or other related factors. We can help business owners in these industries determine the true cause of the accident and identify employee liability. We can also challenge claims that lack merit and expose glaring errors.

Trucking and Transportation

Our team is familiar with the strict rules that govern the trucking and transportation industries. When driver errors or violations lead to accidents and claims, we help companies protect themselves. We are proficient in reviewing records and violation histories that can contribute to claims.


Healthcare workers face long hours or potential health risks despite strict safety standards. Many factors that are out of your control can often lead to workers’ compensation claims. We can help healthcare organizations and their insurance companies fight unwarranted claims.

Our deep understanding of the healthcare field allows us to know when our clients abided by regulations and standards, and they deserve for a court to hear their stories. We fight inconsistencies in the circumstances surrounding each claim, such as employee negligence or factors that are outside of the organization’s jurisdiction.

With California workers’ compensation lawyers on your case, we can ensure that you receive the appropriate attention you deserve. Organizations regularly seek out our partners and associates to speak at local, statewide, and national workers’ compensation conventions. We demonstrate our leadership and deep knowledge in this field all over the country.

Why Choose Bober, Peterson & Koby, LLP?

California’s workers’ compensation system often favors employees. Payouts from these cases can be substantial when defendants fight claims without solid legal representation. Bober, Peterson & Koby, LLP, is the right choice for you for many reasons.

Experience You Can Trust

Our firm has a successful history of protecting the rights of California businesses. We strategically defend against workers’ compensation claims, regardless of the industry or case complexity. Our attorneys have the experience necessary for even the most challenging cases.

Deep Knowledge of Workers’ Compensation Law

California workers’ compensation law can create an overwhelming situation for business owners. Our firm stays current on the latest developments and rulings, so we are prepared to bring that knowledge to our clients’ cases. Our deep understanding allows us to develop effective strategies that are tailored to specific circumstances in your case. We do not just guess; we meticulously analyze the facts for weaknesses in employee claims and build the most robust case possible.

Strong Advocacy in the Legal Process

From the initial consultation, you can see that we can be the strongest advocate for your business interests. Our firm can represent you at every stage of the workers’ compensation process to ensure your protection. Our California workers’ compensation defense attorneys work tirelessly to achieve the most favorable outcome available to our clients. We remain prepared throughout the legal process to take your case to court when necessary.

Proactive Strategies to Protect Your Business

We are more than able to protect your business before claims arise. Beyond defending existing claims, we offer services to help minimize risk upfront. Our proactive approach to the workers’ compensation field can ensure your representation with a top strategy before incidents happen.

We work with businesses to craft employee contracts that clearly outline safety protocols. Our team can help you establish solid work procedures, conduct expectations, and general regulations. Ensuring that employees understand their responsibilities and the potential consequences of violations can protect your interests.

Incorporating clauses in your documentation that address potential concerning areas can help mitigate future issues. Detailing proper equipment usage, hazard reporting, and safety guidelines can minimize workers’ compensation claims and the validity of any that are submitted.

Contact Bober, Peterson & Koby, LLP, Today

Bober, Peterson & Koby, LLP, is more than just a firm that can hold its own in the courtroom. We provide proactive measures to keep you ahead of any potential claims. We work throughout California and offer customized counsel for unique clients in numerous industries.

Facing a workers’ compensation claim does not mean that your business is liable for its contents. We can take the steps necessary to fight allegations against your company. When you need a team to help you navigate the California legal system, contact Bober, Peterson & Koby, LLP. Your business is essential. We can ensure that someone advocates for your company’s financial well-being.