Mar 13, 2019

Applicant claimed to have sustained multiple injuries to multiple body parts as a result of a cumulative trauma from June 21, 1988 through March 5, 2013 while he was employed as a professional baseball player. Defendant argued that his claim should be denied due to a lack of jurisdiction under LC section 3600.5. Applicant claimed that he was hired in CA by virtue of his using an agent based out of Beverly Hills, CA.

Despite Applicant’s assertion that his agent could bind him to a contract, the WCJ ruled in favor of Defendant and found no jurisdiction in CA. Defendant presented an agency agreement which contradicted Applicant’s contention that his agent could bind him to a contract. Further, Defendant produced an employer witness who testified as to when one was considered ‘hired’ for purposes of LC section 3600.5(a). Finally, the WCJ found that Applicant failed to satisfy the conditions of LC section 3600.5(d) and thus his claim was barred.

This was an important victory following a three-day trial wherein the WCJ ruled for the Defense confirming the lack of an agent’s ability to bind a player to a contract and the application of Labor Code section 3600.5(d).

To read the entire decision, please click here.

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