Nov 24, 2023

Sports are an important part of American culture and the American economy, driving billions in revenue to almost every state in the country each year. Sports law is a unique area of law that pertains to the legal concerns of leagues, athletic organizations, and all other professional sports organizations throughout the country.

The attorneys at Bober, Peterson & Koby, LLP, concentrate on sports law and have successfully represented many professional sports organizations and other employers in the industry in a wide range of cases, including:

  • Workers’ compensation defense. We have helped protect our clients’ interests in response to workers’ compensation claims, ensuring they are only held accountable for what they legally owe under state law.
  • Workers’ compensation subrogation. Subrogation is a complex area of workers’ compensation law that can pose many challenges to any sports organization. Our firm can help a client perform a cost-benefit analysis to determine the most cost-effective method of resolving a difficult workers’ compensation claim.
  • Serious and willful misconduct defense. While workers’ compensation insurance generally insulates a covered employer from civil liability for an injured worker’s damages, there are exceptions to this rule. If an employee has asserted that their employer has injured them through serious and willful misconduct, a sports law attorney can represent the employer as their defense counsel.

These are just a few examples of the types of cases that commonly unfold in the purview of sports law. If you operate any sports organization in the Los Angeles area or are an employer of professional athletes, it is vital to prepare accordingly for the complex legal issues you may face in the future and to know the value of working with an attorney who has proven experience in sports law.

Importance of Sports Law in the United States

Sports law is unique because it can relate to athletes at every level of competition, from youth and amateur leagues to professional or even Olympic athletics. Any sports law case has the potential to affect the entire industry. When new cases arise, the results of these cases can have far-reaching effects that can pertain to:

  • Contract law. Any type of contract dispute between an athlete and their employer can set a precedent, causing other sports organizations to reconsider their existing contracts to avoid similar issues in the future.
  • Personal injury law. While many sports inherently involve some level of physical harm, personal injury claims may arise in the sports world in various ways. Sports organizations must be prepared to defend themselves if they are accused of negligence resulting in any personal injury.
  • Trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property laws. Sports organizations have the right and the responsibility to defend their intellectual property and pursue legal recourse when infringements appear.
  • Criminal law. Some sports organizations have faced fines and criminal penalties for various reasons, sometimes resulting in scandals that garner national attention and diminish those organizations’ reputations.

Ultimately, it is vital to understand how complex sports law can be and the need to hire seasoned legal counsel if your organization has become embroiled in any type of legal issue, whether it involves a contractually bound athlete, business partner, or any other party.

The attorneys at Bober, Peterson & Koby, LLP, provide a unique level of legal counsel for sports law in the Los Angeles area. Our firm has successfully resolved many high-profile cases for all types of clients in the professional sports industry, often exceeding their expectations and helping them minimize legal expenditures in various ways. We can provide the focused and meticulous legal support your sports organization needs to overcome the most complex legal challenges.


Q: What Is Sports Law?

A: Sports law is a broad area of civil law pertaining to the legal issues that can arise between athletes and their employers, sports leagues, and various other parties. For example, when an athlete suffers an injury, the subsequent legal proceedings unfold according to California’s workers’ compensation laws, but with some exceptions. Sports organizations need legal counsel versed in this particular area of law to navigate the legal issues they regularly encounter fluently.

Q: Why Is Sports Law Unique?

A: Sports law is unique compared to many other areas of civil law due to the fact that any type of sports litigation can draw upon various other areas of law. For example, an athlete’s injury claim may fall within the purview of state workers’ compensation laws as well as contract law. Sports law may also require a keen understanding of state, federal, and even international laws.

Q: What Is Sports Litigation?

A: Whenever any type of legal matter cannot be settled privately, the case will need to go to court. These courtroom proceedings are known as litigation, and sports litigation is an especially complex form of litigation that requires the attention of a seasoned sports law attorney. Bober, Peterson & Koby, LLP, regularly represent athletic organizations in many types of sports litigation.

Q: What Does a Sports Law Attorney Do?

A: The attorneys at Bober, Peterson & Koby, LLP, provide comprehensive legal representation to sports organizations, teams, and leagues in all types of sports litigation. Sports law attorneys help their clients develop unique and detailed legal solutions to complex problems, some of which can lead to the creation of new laws or adjustment of existing sports laws. Sports law attorneys also represent sports organizations in injury claims.

Q: How Does Workers’ Compensation Apply to Sports?

A: California law requires virtually every employer in the state to have workers’ compensation insurance, which comes into play when covered employees sustain injuries at work. Professional athletes inherently face physical risks every day at practice and in official games, and when injuries occur, they are likely covered by employers’ workers’ compensation claims. A sports law attorney can assist an employer in ensuring a fair workers’ compensation settlement.

The attorneys at Bober, Peterson & Koby, LLP, have established a strong reputation as a leading choice among sports organizations, athletic organizations, and leagues operating out of the state. If you believe your organization needs legal counsel capable of creating novel strategies that ensure your long-term success, contact Bober, Peterson & Koby, LLP, today to schedule a consultation with our team.

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